Events and Services

Events and Services

Healing Minnesota Stories Events and Services
We host events with many different religious and civic organizations. To learn about upcoming events, subscribe to our email list and the Healing Minnesota Stories blog.

We connect church youth groups, adult forums and college class rooms with many Native American speakers and resources to assist in developing quality events and programs to meet your group’s interest and needs.

Events and Services Offered

  • Sacred Sites Tours: You can attend one of our public tours, or schedule a custom tour for your group.
  • Indians in Public Art: Myths and Misconceptions, a presentation about controversial images in the Minnesota State Capitol Art. This also can include a traveling exhibit of alternative Capitol art done by students.
  • Films, including moderated post-film dialogues. Options include: Dakota 38, about The U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 and the Doctrine of Discovery, which discusses the legal and religious justification used to seize Native lands and enslave Native peoples, and how the Doctrine is still incorporated in U.S. law today.
  • Education events and speakers on Native American spirituality, local history, barriers to freely practice religion, and more.

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