Indians in Public Art

Indians in Public Art Presentation
Healing Minnesota Stories offers presentations and dialogues about the mythologies and misrepresentation of Native Americans in Minnesota’s public art. We have shown it to numerous religious groups and classrooms and would love to bring it to your community.

We will take you on a virtual tour of Minnesota public art and discuss how it portrays Native Americans and the stories it tells about early state history. In particular, we critique art in the Minnesota State Capitol Art, some of which is highly controversial.

SPNN’s news show “Forum” interviewed Healing Minnesota Stories Founder Jim Bear Jacobs about Minnesota’s Capitol art. Here is a link to the show.

Learn more at Public Art Project.pdf, or see our blog on Capitol Art. Read our Petition seeking changes to art at the Capitol, and sign the online petition.

Contact us at with your interest in offering this presentation.

Teacher Resources
We worked with Art Teacher, Rachel Latuff, to develop a lesson plan to help K-12 teachers present this material to students, engage them in a conversation about public art and the stories it tells, and challenge them to make alternative Capitol art. We have put several resources online.

Traveling Art Exhibit
We have created a Traveling Art Exhibit that includes images of current art in the Minnesota State Capitol and samples of K-12 student artwork offering an alternative vision. A number of schools have done this project and contributed to the exhibit.

Contact us at with your interest in doing this project with your students or youth group.