May 2016: What Is Your Story?

May 2016 Inter-Belief Conversation Café

What Is Your Story?

Monday, May 16, 2016
7 – 9 p.m.
Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul
1671 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105 (View Map)

Though the world contains billions of people and has contained billions more, each of us is different from everyone else. Although we discuss the weighty problems of existence, the greatest mystery may be our own existence. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? In short what is our personal story?

Stories usually have a beginning, a process of becoming, and a final point. William Wordsworth told us that the child is father to the man. We all have to start somewhere. But does this past trap us or is it the prelude to something extraordinary? Would our childhood selves recognize us now? Would they be happy to see what we’ve become? Or would they want us to give them back their toys and their ambitions and go away?

As we mature (maybe just some of us), we may go through phases. We may abandon beliefs or find new ones. Some may be born into a philosophy and stay there. We may have a dramatic moment of clarity or may change a little bit each day. We may ask, “How could I have thought that?” Or we may retrace our steps to return to what we once sneeringly left behind. Does it have to be so hard?

Is our story still incomplete, whether mostly unscripted or in its last chapters? Will our future selves like us? Will we embarrass them like our parents sometimes embarrassed us? Will certain basic tenets always remain a solid rock on which to build the edifice of our future selves, or will we have no foundation but shifting sand? Or will we follow the dictum, “Don’t worry. Be happy,” in the words of Bobby McFerrin? In David Copperfield, Charles Dickens’ character asks at the onset if he will be the hero of his life. If we were asked the same question, what would we say?

On May 16 from 7-9 PM at Interfaith Action of Greater St. Paul, 1671 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, Inter-belief Conversation Café will do storytelling. Each of us will have the opportunity to tell something of our own personal story. And we will ask about what we hear in ways that are hopefully illuminating. Our agreements of open-mindedness, acceptance, discovery, curiosity, sincerity, brevity, and confidentiality will remind us that there is no single right way to live a life. If it all gets too introspective and serious, remember there are treats!