April 2018: Mysticism in the Abrahamic Religions

April 2018 Midday Interfaith Dialogue

Thursday, April 5, 2018
11:45 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Luther Seminary, 1490 Fulham St, St Paul, MN 55108 (View Map)
Northwestern Hall (kitty-corner, across the intersection of Hendon and Fulham Avenues, from the Olson Campus Center), Room 100
Parking on street or behind Center

What is Mysticism? What are some historical frameworks and practices of Mysticism in Islam, Judaism and Christianity? How is it reflected in your tradition and practice? What are the fears and challenges? What are the potential gifts that live in this practice for the 21st Century and beyond? Join presenters Drs. Jan Phillips (Judaism) SPIN and Jay Phillips Center, Mary Hess, (Christianity) Professor of Educational Leadership, Luther Seminary and Sadaf Rauf Shier (Islam) SPIN and Mankind Welfare Trust, USA, for a glimpse into the Mystic traditions in the Abrahamic religions. Come with curiosity. Witness a practice. Connect in conversation, share your experiences and questions that concern you.

This conversation is open to all interested persons. Reservation is not required. Though lunch is not served, coffee, tea, ice water and cookies will be available. Brown bag lunches welcome.