What We Do

Saint Paul Interfaith Network (SPIN) works to create a culture of engaged interfaith dialogue in the Saint Paul area by developing relationships, understanding, and respect among people from various religious traditions and faith-based groups.

SPIN offers programs and events to promote interfaith dialogue. We support faith communities and other organizations looking to host interfaith events, and co-sponsor many interfaith events with other organizations that share our goals. SPIN has also developed an initiative called Healing Minnesota Stories to create understanding and healing between Native American and non-Native people, particularly those in various faith communities.

We believe relationships across religious differences must involve mutual understanding, respect and honesty, without requiring agreement or attempts to minimize differences. We believe people can remain committed to their own faith tradition and still have active engagement across religious lines, openness to religious differences, and an interest in understanding other faith traditions. We believe that while we come from different faith traditions, we can all work together for the common good of our community.


  • Members of faith communities and other organizations will have increased knowledge, contact, and dialogue with people of other traditions.
  • Clergy and leaders of faith communities will be familiar with religious pluralism, and understand best practices for building bridges and leading their congregation in a pluralistic context.
  • Participants will experience deep faith-based conversations, difficult dialogue across differences, and theological and philosophical discussions.
  • Faith communities and other organizations will be active in making institutional changes to express positive religious pluralism.