Religious Leaders Connection Group

Religious Leaders Connection: Learning, Supporting, Relationships

Religion too often divides, when it should bring people together.
Religion too often keeps us ignorant, instead making us of wiser.

Next Meeting

  Wednesday, December 18, 2019
  1:30 p.m. – 3 p.m.
St. Peter Claver Catholic Church
375 Oxford St. N.
St. Paul 55104

Host: Fr. Erich Rutten

Please RSVP to the Rev. Cynthia Bronson Sweigert,, to let her know if you plan to attend or if you are interested in attending future meetings.

In this challenging time of demographic and economic change and political instability leading a religious community is not getting any easier. The leadership challenges are many. Leaders from across religions learning together, supporting one another, and getting to know one another is a way grow leadership capacity for just such a time.

The Saint Paul Interfaith Network in partnership with Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul is creating this monthly opportunity for religious leaders to meet with one another, learn from one another, and support one another. Each month the group will meet in a place worship from a different religion. The leader of that place of worship will host that day. She or he will begin the day by sharing her or his story. How is it they have become a religious leader and a leader in this particular place? She or he will then give those attending a tour of their location during which people will be able to ask questions. Following the tour further practical questions can be asked about the leadership, management, and administration of that leader’s community. The final half hour is set aside for those attending to meet one another around table conversation on issues and concerns they have and to learn from one another.