Community Events

Poor People’s Campaign – Minnesota

Minnesota has joined the call for what Martin Luther King called a “Revolution of Values”: A nationwide Poor People’s Campaign to create a more just, equitable, participatory world and to end racism, poverty, environmental degradation and militarism. More than a dozen Minnesota faith communities and interfaith organizations have joined to sponsor five weeks of rallies at the State Capitol focusing on these issues. Some forty cities around the country are holding similar rallies in these same weeks

Remaining rallies in Minnesota will be held on June 4 and 11. Read more on the Minnesota Poor People’s Campaign Facebook page.


To help you find new friends, Niagara Foundation Minnesota Branch seeks teams to join unique “3Faiths@ONEtable” project.

This initiative is an opportunity for people of differing religious and cultural traditions to get to know one another in the intimacy of each other’s homes. The gatherings can be a light snack, a full meal, or anything in between. The goal is to get to know people and build friendships across lines of religion and culture. The commitment is to meet four times. One of them will be in your home.

From the signups using this form, the Niagara Foundation will match persons to groups representing three faiths (couples, families, singles with or without a partner).

For more information and questions, contact us at The link for the signup form will be sent via email.