Native American Stories

News Sources

  • The Circle: A monthly newspaper based in Minneapolis that is dedicated to presenting news from a Native American perspective, while granting an equal opportunity to community voices.
  • Indian Country Today: National coverage of Native American issues.
  • Minnesota Native News: A web-based radio station with stories about Native American art, culture, music, nature and history.


  • Dakota and Ojibwe Perspectives (Minnesota Humanities Center) In 2008, Minnesota recognized its sesquicentennial. Some celebrated. Others did not. In the lead-up, the Minnesota Humanities Center began working with Dakota and Ojibwe people to record stories of how statehood affected their homes, their families, their future. These stories are painfully absent from traditional histories of Minnesota textbooks, and other educational resources. This site contains multiple videos.
  • Nokomis: Voices of Anishanabe Grandmothers (TPT, 1994): Stories of racism and discrimination towards Native American women from the early 20th Century. Hear the voices of the women themselves as they recount the mistreatment from their childhood.
  • World Balance vs. Personal Salvation in American Indian Post Colonial Experience. Dr. George “Tink” Tinker, spoke at the Hamline University’s Mahle Lecture on April 17, 2012, (It runs one hour, 26 minutes.) Tinker explores American Indian peoples’ spirituality and worldview in their respect for creation and for all our relations.  Tinker believes that given the reality of the eco-devastation threatening life today, the survival of American Indian cultures and cultural values may make the difference for the survival and sustainability for all the earth.
  • Wacipi Powwow (KTCA, 56:11, 1995): Each summer, thousands of Native American peoples across the country celebrate their connections to tradition and spirituality, to the Earth and to one another, in a social, personal and spiritual meeting: the PowWow. For many, these gatherings are an integral component of the Native American existence. More than an homage to a great ancestry, the Powwow is an event of contemporary significance for the individuals and communities making up the hundreds of Native American nations.