Saint Paul Interfaith Network


Saint Paul Interfaith Network (SPIN) is a volunteer network of people from a variety of religious traditions and perspectives seeking to strengthen a culture of engaged interfaith dialogue and relationships in the Saint Paul area.

SPIN Statement on Tree of Life Attack

The Saint Paul Interfaith Network condemns in the strongest terms the heinous attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue and its members on October 27th. We offer our condolences and prayers for the victims of this vicious attack, those who were killed and wounded, their families, friends, and colleagues, the staff and members of the Synagogue, and the first responders.

We hope that leaders and members of all faith traditions will do all they can to dismantle anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism and all forms of hate within and without their communities, and we hope that all political leaders will stop using ugly and demeaning rhetoric to refer to their political adversaries and enhance their efforts to create a culture of mutual respect. It is time now to reverse the escalator of anger in America before more people are harmed.