Announcing Kick-off of Minnesota Multifaith Network (MnMN!) and Integration of SPIN Programs into Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul

Parts of SPIN (Saint Paul Interfaith Network) are being folded into Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul and other parts are being incorporated into the new statewide multifaith network that SPIN helped to create, namely, the Minnesota Multifaith Network (MnMN).

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This website is no longer active.

Since SPIN’s founding in 2006 with monthly dialogue sessions and annual evening dialogue series, SPIN has conducted an impressive run of interfaith dialogue, education and encounter events—from Monthly Midday Dialogues to Interfaith Seders, Ramadan open houses, and Native American sacred sites tours to dialogues on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and support for interfaith events in many congregations and libraries. It, in fact, became a hub of information sharing, referrals of speakers and news of a growing number of interfaith events and organizations.

SPIN’s work was all volunteer and since its beginning many more forms and locations of interfaith work have emerged. Through a careful assessment and planning process, SPIN’s leaders, along with other interfaith leaders who had connected through monthly lunch meetings under the name Twin Cities Interfaith Network, determined that a new entity, a network to support such work, should be formed. Another local interfaith organization, the Mall Area Religious Council (MARC) had recently closed down and offered its assets to the new efforts. With a grant from the Saint Paul Foundation, a careful assessment of the interfaith landscape in Minnesota and a strategic planning process were conducted. It was determined that the assets of SPIN, MARC and TCIN should be provided as part of the formation of a new entity, a network to support, connect and enhance the many existing and newly forming multifaith efforts across the whole state. The Minnesota Multifaith Network (MnMN) is now the active, state-wide multifaith network. We encourage your participation and support.

Thanks to all who have read about, participated, volunteered, and/or donated to SPIN during its existence. We celebrate your participation, interest and work, and look forward to new horizons. Your continuing support would be greatly appreciated. To contribute to MnMN and/or Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul, follow the links below.