Minnesota Multi-faith Network (Mn-MN)

News: Formation of statewide multi-faith network

For the last year representatives of the Twin Cities Interfaith Network (TCIN) and the Saint Paul Interfaith Network (SPIN) have been working with the interfaith community to imagine and begin building a statewide multi-faith network. News of that “under construction” process will be posted here until another site and communications are developed.

Task Groups Meeting

Short term task groups are currently meeting to develop recommendations in the areas of communications, technology, fundraising and convenings (practice circles, specific focus networks, annual gathering, etc.) If you have interest in any of these areas and would like to participate and/or provide information please contact Kevin Schill at kevin@outreachopportunities.org.

Transitional Steering Group Being Formed

Since late January 2018 various groupings of persons interested in helping to “steer” the formation of a statewide multi-faith network have met several times to help craft the vision and goals as well as the limited but necessary structure, while learning about a networks approach as different from “one more organization” or association or coalition. Meetings will be continuing and anyone interested in this overall aspect of building the network can read notes of the meetings here and/or contact Tom Duke (tduke03@earthlink.net) or Mary Pickard (marypickar@aol.com). Members of the current group are listed here.

On the Formation of a Statewide Multi-Faith Network Initiative

Here is the statement about the vision and invitation to participate offered by Gail Anderson:

(Remarks at Feb. 1, 2018, “Connecting to Change the World” World Interfaith Harmony event at Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center, Bloomington, MN)

Gail Anderson: On a Saturday morning last summer, I was awakened by a call from Imam Asad Zaman. He said there has been an explosion at Dar Al Farooq. I remember in my sleepiness asking him, what do you mean explosion, do you mean bomb? Yes, he said, someone threw an explosive device through the Imam’s office window. He asked me to help organize a press conference for noon that day.

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